Who Are Fortnum?

The Fortnum Story

We know that high quality financial advisers are the best source of information for designing the best possible financial solutions for life and this is what underpins our drive for innovation.

Fortnum Private Wealth is a venture representing a number of like-minded advisers united in a “client-first” approach.

Fortnum Private Wealth was founded in March 2010, although the history of many of our Principal Practices dates back to 1989 when their people were the core of Associated Planners which became arguably Australia’s most successful financial services firm of that era.

Our founders flourished and through organic growth and mergers, grew to support 168 member firms, including some of the largest financial planning firms in Australia.

Our name comes from a combination of two words – fortress and numbers. This represents our duty to you; our strength in numbers, and our commitment to protecting your financial security and future.

Fortnum Private Wealth continues to uphold the central core value of ‘our clients must come first’ and continue in their desire to be innovative.

These are not merely concepts. They are in many ways extraordinarily common sense ideals that include a charter where each financial adviser firm is a shareholder in the Fortnum Group and each subscribes to a collegiate approach to gaining knowledge where information and experiences are willingly shared for the betterment of all Fortnum advisers and their clients.

Most importantly, there is a focus on absolute quality – quality firms, quality staff and quality outcomes for everything we do and the stunningly fundamental belief that all Australians are better off financially if they have access to quality financial advice.

Core Data Licensee

Fortnum Private Wealth has been named 2016 CoreData Licensee of the Year, claiming the award for the third year running in an outcome that reflects consistently excellent satisfaction ratings by financial advisers licensed by Fortnum.

Winning the top accolade for a third time reflects Fortnum’s commitment to providing industry-leading support for its advisers and in turn, their clients.

Fortnum’s support services include education and training, research, legal compliance and business planning, all of which are offered with high quality support that is well above industry averages. Fortnum clients can therefore be rest assured that we are well equipped to deliver truly progressive financial planning advice

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