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At Dobbrick Financial Services, we want you to keep asking questions – we believe it is the way to start your planning journey! To start you off, here you will find some top questions we are asked every day.

Financial planning can mean different things for different people and the team at Dobbrick Financial Services realise that each client who comes to us is unique. We understand your hopes and dreams can range from having freedom from debt, right through to enjoying a passive income from investments to maintain a carefree retirement.

Your individual plan is an important one and Dobbrick Financial Services can help you to achieve your goals by identifying your needs, implementing strategies together and monitoring your progress to reach the desired outcome.

Having an appropriate financial plan in place covers more than just investments and insurance – financial planning can help you realise your potential, stay protected and keep on track.

Working with a financial adviser who understands you, and you feel comfortable with, can mean all the difference at keeping you on the right path in your financial journey.

The team at Dobbrick Financial Services represent a new approach to financial advice; delivering the highest quality financial counsel based on integrity, innovation and a commitment to building your financial future.

When it comes to paying for financial advice, we understand your time and resources are important and it is our duty to ensure our clients receive the highest level ‘client-focused’ advice possible.

Taking the time to find an experienced financial adviser whom you trust, one that you can work with over the long term, can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your financial future.

As our team are richly diverse in qualifications and specialties – we invite you to meet the team and read more about Dobbrick Financial Services – on the About Us page.

The initial consultation with Dobbrick Financial Services is provided to you obligation free.  During this first meeting we will get to know you, identify your goals, consider any opportunities and appraise your situation to see if we identify mutual value.  This first initial meeting can take up to ninety minutes.

It is a requirement of law that financial advisers must disclose all fees and payment structures.  Dobbrick Financial Services is a fee-based practice and costed according to the complexity of your plan.  These fees will be clear and transparent upon engagement of our services and under no circumstances will fees be charged unless you understand, approve and provide consent to proceed.

The team at Dobbrick Financial Services are continually offering their time and resources to help their local and wider communities. They are passionate about helping people improve their lives and to build a better future for all.

To see how Dobbrick Financial Services are making a difference, we invite you to check out the Fortnum Foundation over on our Community page.

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