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D & A – Gympie

by DFS Ipswich on June 11, 2018 Comments Off on D & A – Gympie

I recently experienced a life altering event.  I suffered a heart attack and was treated in the local hospital before being transferred to the larger regional hospital for intervention treatment.  Thankfully, the outcome was successful due to the speed with which I received both emergency treatment locally and the intervention treatment a few hours later.  A heart attack isn’t something that is planned, and while it was happening, the questions about paying the bills and the normal commitments of life and attending to the daily family needs are the last things on your mind.  But, after the initial event, the realisation about what has happened sinks in, and you realise that certain things in your life should change.

Thankfully for me, the team at Dobbrick Financial Services in Gympie have looked after our financial affairs and have kept us appropriately insured against such an event.  This meant, that we were not concerned about our financial future during my recovery, as I knew that Dobbricks would take care of any claim we needed to make, and we could concentrate on my recovery and the necessary changes that needed to be made. The team managed the process for us and followed it through for a successful claim.  Since then, they have provided us with ongoing advice to ensure that we could make the best financial decisions for us going forward.

Without the ongoing review and the original advice about our insurance needs, our financial future could have been quite different.  I would recommend the team at Dobbrick Financial Services in Gympie for financial advice to anyone.

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