Aged Care Planning

Dobbrick Financial Services can help achieve the best outcome in Aged Care Planning from a financial perspective, helping to maximise any entitlements that may be available.

Placing a relative or loved one into aged care is an emotional and financially complex journey.  Often people attempt to organise the process on their own but in doing so, can easily make mistakes and fail to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

At Dobbrick Financial Services our primary objective is for a person’s transition into Aged Care to be a successful and seamless experience.

Take the worry out of Aged Care!

Unfamiliar terms, strange acronyms and an abundance of information to get your head around can be confusing, if not a little daunting.

Our job is to help you understand how the aged care decisions you make can affect your financial position and how long your money will last. We also take care of the paperwork!

  • The options you have to fund accommodation bonds
  • Whether you should sell the family home or rent it out
  • How you can achieve an optimal mix between bond, daily care fees and income-tested fees, effects these have on Centrelink pension benefits
  • Funding the daily care fees
  • Making sure the money lasts; and
  • Cash flow.
Dobbrick Financial Services Aged Care Preparation

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