Estate Planning

When it comes to financial planning, it is important to know that the law has evolved to recognise all family dynamics.

When planning your Estate, Dobbrick Financial Services  acts as an advocate and central coordinator. We help you to integrate the services of aligned professionals whose contributions may assist in the preservation of your wealth today, as you plan for its legacy tomorrow.

Protect the ones you love with Estate Planning.

Estate Planning is a complex area that requires special consideration to ensure your assets are passed on in accordance with your wishes in the most tax effective manner.

Dobbrick Financial Services can discuss (in conjunction with other professional Advisers) how to preserve and manage your assets when transferring across generations.

  • Do you have appropriate life insurance to fund your dependants’ needs?
  • Would you like to leave a component of your estate for specific purposes such as the education of grandchildren?
  • Can you make a binding nomination through your super fund?
  • What do you want to happen to your assets if your spouse remarries after your death?

A misunderstood fact is that not all assets are controlled by a will; a will only addresses Estate assets. An Estate Plan ensures that the ownership and control of all of your assets passes onto your beneficiaries and that the transition of assets is tax friendly and as smooth as possible.

A little planning can make sure your assets are used in ways that are consistent with your wishes.

Dobbrick Financial Services - Estate Planning

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